Are you looking for the best music instruction in Los Angeles? Look no further than Angeles Academy of Music! Our music school is home to some of the most talented and experienced music teachers in the area. We provide a wide range of music instruction, from private lessons to group classes, to help you or your child become a great musician. Read on to learn more about our music teachers and how they can help you reach your musical goals.

Four Qualities We Look for in Hiring our Instructors

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Learn to play a musical instrument, guided by the best.[/caption]When it comes to hiring instructors for Angeles Academy of Music, we believe in hiring the best. We carefully select our instructors to ensure that they provide a positive learning experience for our students.

  1. We look for strong, positive personalities. Our instructors should be kind, patient, and able to create an engaging learning environment. We want instructors who are passionate about their art and motivated to inspire our students to reach their goals.
  2. We look for instructors who can create intelligent and achievable goals that are customized to each student’s individual needs. Every student is different and will require different goals and approaches to learning. Our instructors should be knowledgeable and able to adjust their teaching methods accordingly.
  3. Great instructors are intuitive. They can tell when a student is struggling or when a student is ready to move on to more difficult material. Our instructors should be able to quickly assess their students and make the necessary adjustments to keep them progressing.
  4. We seek instructors with outstanding educational credentials. We require all of our instructors to have formal education in the music field, as well as industry experience. This ensures that our students receive the highest level of instruction available.

Great Instructors Selection

At Angeles Academy of Music, we take the selection of our instructors seriously. We take into account all of these qualities when deciding which instructors will be part of our team. We filter hundreds of prospective instructors in search of the qualities that make a great instructor. This is because we want to ensure that our students get the best instruction possible and find the right instructor for each of them.