If you have children, one of the best ways to help them succeed in life could be as simple as taking them to music lessons for kids. As studies have shown, music lessons can not only increase kids’ intelligence, but also boost their social skills and even prevent behavioral issues like ADHD and autism! Here are just three of the many benefits music lessons can bring to your child’s future.

Music Makes Your Kids Smarter

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It's never too early to start your child on the right path to music lessons.[/caption]It's never too early to start your child on the right path to a bright future with music lessons for kids. Musical training can lead to improved academic performance, better IQ scores, and increased academic motivation. There are many benefits to signing your children up for piano lessons at an early age. A Harvard study found that students who had two years of musical training were twice as likely to be recognized as gifted in math and reading comprehension in their school district than those who did not receive any music instruction. What's more, these studies also show that in addition to strengthening mental ability, practicing an instrument can actually grow a child's brain tissue! In 2006, researchers from UCLA examined the brains of 39 young people aged 6-19 who had been taking music lessons for at least one year.

Increases Security and Self-Esteem

Research has shown that music lessons have positive effects on kids, such as improving their language skills and increasing their confidence. In fact, some studies have even suggested that music instruction may be able to help improve children's mental health. As a result of these findings, there are now more schools than ever before integrating music into the classroom. So give your kids the gift of being awesome - make sure they get their music lessons today!

Music Helps Children Improve Their Executive Function Skills

Studies have shown that children who are engaged in musical lessons score better on social skills. Musical education also fosters patience, perseverance, discipline, time management skills, goal setting abilities, and a positive attitude towards the arts.At Angeles Academy of Music, we love to help your child(ren) learn and grow in the musical arts and beyond! Contact us today!