Angeles Academy of Music is now open for in-person lessons in LA. county, and busier than ever! We continue to offer online for those who prefer, and serve many online only clients across all 50 states! Next month, our June recitals will be held Virtually to accommodate everyone. Recitals are totally optional, but we recommend that students participate as a great way to show a bench mark in progress. Our virtual recitals are especially low pressure, because it is pre-recorded rather than live. The virtual recitals have been a great success, and also have enabled relatives and friends from around the world to attend. The videos are due in just 10 days, so practice away!

Practicing during the summer

Submit your Final Recital Video by June 3rd Midnight

Please submit your videos by June 3rd at midnight. Videos should only the music, no talking before or after. Horizontal orientation is preferred. Don't forget to dress up! Attend live: Even though your video is pre-recorded, you still must attend your allotted recital time slot on zoom, to announce your name and the piece you will play.

Most Creative Video Awards

This June, Angeles Academy will select 3 winners for the Most Creative Video Awards. We are looking for editing, lighting, effort, and fun! Student winners will receive school wide recognition as well as a special prize

How does scheduling work? What's my assigned Time?

Your instructor should have already registered your name and the piece you will play by May 17th, so give us a call right away or talk with your instructor if you are not certain. Because we are organizing so many schedules, we will email your out a recital schedule with all the participating students in a large list. You will be assigned a 60 minute time slot to attend during the recital weekend. As a reminder, you need to show up for your 60 minute recital on zoom, because even though the videos are pre-recorded, you will still announce your name and what you are playing live. If the assigned time doesn't work for you, we will work hard to try to adjust you to an alternate recital. The recitals times will fall between these hours and days:

June 11th: 6-8 p.m., June 12th: 12- 8 p.m., June 13th: 12.-8 p.m.

Younger students will be assigned earlier times, and older students and adults the later times.

Important Upcoming Events!

May 31st Memorial Day CLOSED

Recital Video Submission Deadline, June 3rd!


Friday June 11th, Adults

Saturday June 12th 12-8 p.m. Kids-Adults

Sunday June 13th 12-8 p.m. Kids-Adults

July 3rd- 5th Independence Break CLOSED

September 6th-7th Labor Day CLOSED

November 23rd-28th Thanksgiving CLOSED

December 10th, 11th, 12th, Winter RECITALS

December 22nd-January 1st, Winter Break CLOSED

Summer Travel Plans?

As a reminder, we don't close for the summer and operate year round. In fact, enrollment increases over the summers. The school is currently at 95% Capacity with most teachers SOLD OUT and most with waiting lists.

If you love your time spot and your teacher, (but are planning to travel this summer), please strongly consider using our makeups, or new summer lesson options to avoid forfeiting your spot.

We operate year-round, and cannot hold lesson times for students who have withdrawn from lessons.

Many students who withdraw for summer return in the Fall and are put on the waitlist, or must book times late in the evenings to get their favorite teachers.

Our 2pm - 7:30pm lessons are the most sought after, and are booked quickly over the Summer. Many students who enroll in the Summer choose to stay through the Fall and Winter seasons as well.

Don't get stuck on a waitlist, check out our options for travelers below, and let us know what you would like to do!

Virtual Group Make Ups -

Held each weekend, we rotate teachers, instruments, and age ranges. They NEVER expire, and there is NO LIMIT to how many you can attend. You can even make up lessons BEFORE you leave!

Continue your lessons on ZOOM while abroad -

Many students are bringing their instruments and continuing lessons, as well as occasional practice while traveling, to avoid losing their spot and falling behind.

Free Portable loaner Keyboard:

For piano students, we have a battery powered lightweight keyboard that can be brought along for travel. Please pick these up from the office, (allow one weeks notice to the office to reserve).

Pre-recorded video lessons -

In this new, incredibly flexible method, you will record a video of your progress, and teacher will record a short video lesson for you during your lesson time, describing how to practice and improve, as well as giving assignments. The students will respond back with videos through our new app, allowing your teacher to review progress, give assignments and keep you on track.

These pre-recorded lessons can be enjoyed whenever it's convenient during a vacation. This is great for those in different time zones. Please give the office 24 hour notice to take advantage of this new method.