Is there someone in your life that makes you jealous every time they open their mouth to sing? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to sing yourself, but you’re not sure where to start. Singing is a learned skill that can be achieved with the right training and knowledge from the beginning. At Angeles Academy of Music, we can make your dream come true.

Teaching Methodology at Angeles Academy of Music

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Our vocal teachers can help you achieve your goals.[/caption]We teach voice lessons that are tailored to each individual, so that everyone is learning in a way that's comfortable for them. Our instructors have extensive experience teaching singers at all levels, from beginners just starting out on their journey, to seasoned professionals looking for a new challenge. Whether you're interested in singing rock 'n' roll or belting an opera aria, our goal is to help you find your voice. Whether it's developing control over certain notes or breathing techniques, we can teach you how to do what feels natural for you. Our vocal teachers have helped students with many goals: One hopes to sing Broadway show tunes; another wants to explore her Irish heritage through song; others want a healthy form of self-expression without becoming addicted to performance pressures. No matter what kind of singer you hope to become, our expert instructors will help make it happen.

Learning to Control Your Voice

Singing is like any other skill. You can't just pick up a guitar for the first time, learn how to play it, and expect to sound good. It takes practice, patience, determination, and most importantly: a lot of time. One thing that singers struggle with is controlling their voice in different ranges. To do this, they need breath support as well as knowledge about which muscles they should use when singing different parts of their range. To maintain vocal clarity while singing in higher octaves, it is important not only to focus on keeping your voice level but also on maintaining a good posture (you don't want your head drooping down). This will help you keep your air flowing through your vocal cords correctly.