Playing the cello may seem like an odd skill to learn, especially if you’re a kid. However, if you have been considering giving your child cello lessons, here are 3 reasons why doing so will benefit them both musically and personally in many different ways.

Improve Confidence

Many children are going to feel a little nervous when they go to their first cello lesson. It is important that parents and teachers allow children to learn without any pressure. Cellos can be intimidating at first, but with the right instruction, children will learn how to play in no time.

Improve Self Esteem

Cello Masterclass

Cello lessons can provide a wide range of benefits.[/caption]One of the most beneficial things a child can do is learn a musical instrument. Learning how to play an instrument gives children many benefits, including self esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

Challenge the Brain

A lot of people don't think that learning a new instrument can be beneficial for young children, but it's actually the perfect time. Not only does it teach them to work together with others, but it also makes them smarter!

Angeles Academy of Music is the Place to Go

At the Angeles Academy of Music, we offer cello lessons tailored to your child's individual needs. Our cello lessons are open to all ages and levels, and for children ages five and up. We also specialize in lessons for adults. For almost ten years, we have helped thousands on their musical journey. Our talented, friendly, and qualified faculty can help you learn any style or genre of music, and lay the foundation for proper cello technique in the process. Learning to play an instrument has enormous benefits both for kids and adults, including improved self esteem and confidence. You will learn how to sit with the cello, how to hold your bow, how to produce great sound and how to perform. More advanced cello students learn to refine their technique and develop artistry and musicality. Our instructors are trained to not only get you the skill and technique you need, but also how to keep in fun and engaging by working on the music YOU love.